Finding Purpose in Life

Hello to all my fabulous readers,

Finding purpose in life is something that can be very difficult. Your life’s purpose isn’t set in stone and can change very quickly. This is something that I realized fairly recently when I suddenly had to change career paths due to extenuating circumstances. When you suddenly have to make a big decision, you often feel lost and unsure what to do next. There’s no easy, guaranteed way of knowing what your life’s goal is meant to be. In fact, I think that nothing is certain and that it’s your responsibility to make your own life’s purpose. You do not come with a life’s purpose, it’s something you have to discover on your own.

When I first left the career path that I had been pursuing for years, I felt absolute panic and didn’t know what to do. There were a lot of tears shed because I felt like a failure and felt as though I gave up on what was once my dream. One night, I couldn’t sleep so I picked up my copy of Turn Your Pain into Art by Ariel Bloomer, and just started reading, until I came upon the quote :
“It’s alright to have wanted to be one thing with every shred of your soul and then later end up wanting a different thing and living a different life than you had imagined as a teenager. Part of loving yourself means listening to what your soul is saying now, not when you were six “. – (Turn Your Pain Into Art p 206)

Reading this quote from my favorite inspiring rock star, Ariel Bloomer (of the band Icon For Hire) made me realize that I hadn’t really validated my own feelings on the matter of changing careers. I never spent the time to grieve and mourn the loss of what I thought was my life’s dream. It might feel counterproductive to feel the sadness because of how unpleasant it feels in the moment, but in the long run, allowing myself to feel the feelings and practice distress tolerance skills. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve made that difficult decision to change paths, but over time, the waves of sadness and grief that have been hitting me over and over again have been diminishing and hurting less and less.

After validating my feelings, I spent some time soul searching within myself; I knew that I had to keep moving forward, rather than sit, frustrated and stuck. I began to ask myself questions and reflect. One of the first things I asked myself was “what is going on in my life right now, and if I could wave a magic wand and live my ideal life, what would that look like?” I asked myself these questions to start getting a feel for goals to work towards

Next, I find myself asking “what is the biggest challenge that is in my way from achieving my goals right now and what strengths do I have that can I use to help move myself towards my goals?” I wanted to work towards a solution that would leave myself feeling empowered to work towards my goals.

I finally asked myself, “what actions can I take to show being committed to my new found goals?”With this, I wanted to come up with solid commitments to work towards. I wanted to choose something that was a specific task, that was attainable and realistic for me to achieve. It’s detrimental to choose a goal that you cannot work towards because it is just not realistic to work towards, and will only leave you feeling hopeless and helpless in the long term.

Hope this helps you in finding purpose in life,


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