Coping with Difficult Emotions [part 1]

Hello again friends,

Lately I’ve been feeling some rather strong emotions because of what life has been throwing at me, so I’d like to take a bit of time to address emotions, what purpose they serve, and dealing with difficult, unpleasant emotions. As someone living with borderline personality disorder, I find myself often overcome from emotions very quickly. This is something that is normal for someone with bpd and is something that I experience on the daily.

I find that these days, compared to when I was first diagnosed with bpd, I don’t find myself as upset about my emotions anymore. I’ve taken on a bit of an easy going manner when it comes to my emotions, which I find really helpful. Emotions tend to come on really quickly but on the other hand, they can leave fairly quickly as well if you’re using positive coping strategies. When I first started my recovery journey, I often found myself getting “stuck” on emotions and end up in a perpetually bad mood. Something that I find very helpful when dealing with difficult emotions is remembering that a feeling is temporary and will go away as long as you don’t ruminate on it.

So the question you’re probably asking yourself right now is “how do I cope with difficult emotions?”. The first step to processing emotions healthily, in my opinion, would be to name the emotion. This can be quite tricky, particularly if you’re experiencing multiple emotions at once. One thing to realize is that emotions are very complex, are experienced differently for everyone and that can make them very difficult to name or explain to somebody. What might be “sad” for me might be “depressed” or “melancholic” for someone else.

The next step to learning to deal with difficult emotions is learning to both be separate from your emotions, and to learn how to be “one with your emotions”. I know these sound like contradictions of each other, but they’re not entirely. When I say learning to be separate from your emotions, I mean being able to take a step back from your emotion and be able to observe it mindfully without passing judgement . What I mean by learning to be “one with your emotions” is to realize that your emotions are a part of you, and that by being mindful of your emotions, you can regain control of your emotions without “fighting against” them. The more you fight against your emotions, the more difficult they will be to deal with.

Hope this helps a bit, be sure to stay tuned for the next week’s post which is a direct continuation of this week’s content, where I will be going into further detail about describing your emotions.

Kind regards,


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