I’m Back and Thoughts on Finishing DBT.

Hello readers,

Sorry I fell off the face of the Earth for a little while. I decided a while back that I was going to focus my energy more towards my recovery, namely finishing DBT and working to overcome my anxiety. I recently finished both group DBT sessions and individual sessions with my therapist. I’m feeling quite a bit better now after having finished DBT over the course of a year.

I feel like a lot has changed about me over the past year. I find that I have less extreme emotions and I feel more in control of my life compared to before. I still have anxiety but that’s alright because it’s not as bad as it once was. I now feel hopeful about my future.

For me, what was really challenging about finishing DBT was saying goodbye to my therapist. I got really attached to her over the course of a year.For me, one of my problems in life is that I have a hard time with saying goodbye to important people in my life, regardless of how they leave my life, be it through death, or just having to move on in life. I feel like I got closure when we terminated because I got to express my fondness of her and got to reflect back about the changes I made in my life.Right now, I’m allowing myself to feel a bit of sadness from the loss of this relationship.

I was also really nervous about not having much of a support system in my everyday life. I realize now that I can be my own supporter, I just have to be a little kinder to myself. I still have a lot of things I want to work on to improve my mental health. I decided to set some goals for myself for the next year. Below are some of my goals:

1.I’d like to try and make some friends once I go back to school. For me this means trying a harder to be more social. I’m hoping that it will be much easier now that I’m doing a degree that I am actually interested in,

2.I’d like to do more stuff that makes me feel fulfilled. For me, I think this means taking the time to blog, to work a bit harder on schoolwork and studying more, and do more stuff that I enjoy doing.

3.Do more acts of self care and work to prevent myself from getting burnt out.

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